When you sign up to our database you will accumulate points with every purchase made in-store and online. 

You have the choice to redeem the first reward or continue saving points for the next larger discount.

Please note each time a reward is redeemed your 'points balance' returns to 0.

750 Points = $25 VOUCHER

1500 Points = $75 VOUCHER

3500 Points = $150 VOUCHER


Your 'overall points' will continue to accumulate regardless of the rewards redeemed. Overall points advance your VIP status of New Friend, Rose or Champagne. 

New Friend  

$1 spent = 1 PERRIAM point


Earn Rose status at 3000 overall points.

$1 spent = 2 PERRIAM points


Earn Champagne status at 6000 overall points.

$1 spent = 3 PERRIAM points


How do I redeem a PERRIAM points reward?

As you earn with us rewards will be unlocked, these will become available to you within the rewards login. Login to rewards by clicking "Check Rewards" at the bottom left of the webpage.

Can I used multiple vouchers at one time?

Only one voucher is able to be redeemed per transaction.

Do rewards vouchers expire?

No, our reward vouchers do not expire.

Do PERRIAM points expire? 

PERRIAM points expire if no purchases have been made within a 12 month period.

Can I use PERRIAM points both in-store and online?

Yes, rewards can be redeemed both in-store and online.

Contact for any assistance or additional information.