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Established in 2013, PERRIAM is a lifestyle clothing brand that inspires women to pause, take a breath and live every moment.

Our Home

“My upbringing on Bendigo Station nurtured a deep reverence for the captivating Central Otago landscape.” 

Bendigo Station was where it all began, with the pioneering spirit of the merino farmer on the rugged and unforgiving Central Otago landscape. 

Growing up on Bendigo Station, at an altitude far higher than most, gave me a different perspective. Early on, I learned from my father that passion can transform a barren Bendigo into a thriving land of Merino. And I watched in awe as my mother worked hard to raise a family, feed the shearers and musterers, and bring Merino products to the world. 

We tell stories from the past of the characters that visited. 

We celebrate the land that the merino's roam freely on and the heritage our home has.

Our Inspiration

My mother and father purchased the Merino Shop in 1984. It became my mother's passion and watching her with the people and her makers inspired me in ways I didn't truly understand until I went on to begin Perriam.” 

Most days after school I would go and sit and watch mum in her shop. It was a time filled with happiness and unbeknown to me the start of a love affair with retail and all things merino. I had an inherent love for crafting and creating things and can see quite clearly now that this all stemmed from observing my mother. I watched as she drew up ideas for merino wool suits, when she organised to get 8ply merino yarn created using Bendigo merino wool at the Milton wool mill and when I attended buying appointments with her and seeing these amazing creations that other people had made. 

She also encouraged me to create and would turn my ideas into products to sell at the shop. When I was only about 11, I drew a picture of a sheep. I was so proud of it that my Mum put it onto a ribbon for me. She had it produced and sold in the shop. I can remember the feeling of excitement when she would tell me how much ribbon she had sold. That was the start of my passion for creating things and creating the Perriam brand. When I think back on it I always thought of my father as being the entrepreneur but It was my mother who taught me the process and that I could do anything I set my mind to do. She was definitely my.’ #InspHERation

Our First Love

“Merino wool, our enduring love, lies at the heart of every knit.”

At Perriam, we share a deep passion for merino wool—a love affair that knows no bounds. It's more than just a fibre; it's a source of inspiration and comfort. 

Inspired by our rich heritage and the magnificent merino sheep that graze upon Bendigo Station, merino wool holds a special place in our hearts at Perriam. 

Merino wool is nature's gift to us. This natural fibre is soft, lightweight, and incredibly breathable, making it perfect for all seasons. But merino wool is not just practical—it's also a beacon of sustainability, it's renewable and biodegradable. 

It is our true passion and an essential component of our collection. However, when a design calls for an added level of indulgent comfort, we skillfully blend merino with other exquisite natural fibres like angora, cashmere, and silk. This fusion creates a luxurious texture, elevating our knitwear to new heights of opulence. 

Our Makers

“We embark on a journey to celebrate the artisans behind our exquisite knitwear, individuals whose years of skill and craftmanship are truly irreplaceable.” 

At the heart of Perriam is our relationships with our local artisanal makers and our dedication to New Zealand-made. 

Meet our Makers, and celebrate our commitment to supporting and promoting our proudly NZ-made knitwear and clothing. 

At the heart of Perriam, we are dedicated to nurturing the rich heritage of New Zealand craftsmanship. By choosing NZ-made you are also supporting local talent, preserving traditional skills, and embracing sustainability. Explore the stories of this craftmanship and gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry involved in creating every one of your Perriam pieces.

We carefully select the finest New Zealand knitwear factories to collaborate with, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Crafting a piece of knitwear requires a significant amount of time and skill from experienced artisans, and their unwavering attention to detail is crucial in delivering knitwear of the utmost quality. 

At Perriam we understand the importance of supporting local economies and fostering a sense of community pride. By choosing New Zealand-made products, you not only bring home exceptional quality but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our local industries. With every purchase, you make a difference, empowering our artisans and ensuring a future for New Zealand-made products.

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