‘Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the magic of merino. Its strong, super-soft fibres. Its honest, sustainable nature. Its knack for holding its shape. Merino wool was (and still is) my first true love. And it’s all thanks to my upbringing.’

‘Growing up on Bendigo Station, at an altitude far higher than most, gave me a different perspective.

Early on, I learnt from my father that passion can transform a barren Bendigo into a thriving land of Merino. And I watched in awe as my mother worked hard to raise a family, feed the shearers and musterers, and bring merino products to the world.

When it came to forging my own path, I wanted to create something that not only expressed my deep love for merino, but also encapsulated the sheer beauty, slower pace and boundless spirit of high-country living. So in 2013, I brought PERRIAM into being.                                                                                         

Specialising in beautiful, understated classics for women, children and babies, our collections emanate an ethos of quality over quantity and embrace styles that transcend time. Crafted in New Zealand from the world’s finest merino wool, each PERRIAM piece embodies one simple intention: buy once treasure forever.

But we also believe in sharing the beauty of making things with your hands. So our knitting kits and luxury yarns made from pure merino mean you can create your own piece of PERRIAM to wear and love forever.’

– Christina xxx