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“Merino wool, our enduring love, lies at the heart of every knit.”

Natural Fibres

“We only use natural fibres.” 

Through meticulous selection and collaboration with premier yarn makers in New Zealand, we passionately curate and create the finest yarns available, ensuring unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. 

We enhance our knitwear yarns with additional natural fibres, such as organic cotton and premium linens, celebrating the marvels of nature to create the finest quality garments just for you. 

Experience the lasting comfort that our knits provide, knowing that you've chosen a garment that embodies quality, sustainability, and everlasting style. It's more than just a knit—it's a legacy that will accompany you on countless adventures and through life's little moments. 

When you invest in a Perriam knit, you're not just purchasing a jumper—you're acquiring a timeless treasure that will hold a special place in your heart and wardrobe for years to come. Our knits are crafted with an unwavering dedication to quality, ensuring that they become cherished pieces in your wardrobe, destined to be passed down through generations.

Wool Care Guide


  • It's important to use an approved liquid wool detergent because common laundry powders contain whiteners, which act like bleach and can hole and ladder your merino piece. 
  • We recommend washing merino items inside out at a temperature of 30°C or less. If you’re using a washing machine, choose a wool or delicate cycle. 
  • Do not soak. And do not bleach or use stain removers or nappy cleansing agents.
  • To get rid of excess water, don’t wring. Instead, roll your garment up in a towel and gently press to absorb the water. 
  • Dry on a line in the shade (cream-coloured merino items are susceptible to yellowing if exposed to direct sunlight). 
  • Do not tumble dry or dry clean. 
  • Use a warm iron on the reverse of the prints or printed fabric. 
  • Allow for 5% shrinkage.


Our yarn is spun from one of the finest microns in New Zealand, which is what gives each Perriam piece that ultra-soft feel. This does mean that fibres migrate to the surface, resulting in pilling or bobbling. But rather than being an indication of low quality, pilling occurs because of the superior softness of our fibres. 

As such, we recommend getting yourself a de-pilling machine or a Sweater Stone, which will have your garments looking as good as new in minutes. 

We also suggest washing your merino as little as possible – a spot clean and an air out is best for our yarn. And because pilling tends to occur due to friction, try to minimise contact with abrasive surfaces (we know this is harder for little ones). 

Moths & Storage

Moths love woollen items. And because they lay lots of eggs that hatch in a short space of time, it doesn’t take long for them to eat away at your garments. 

If you’ve already spotted a lot of tiny holes in a piece, freeze it to kill the larvae. Then re-wash it and thoroughly clean your wardrobe. 

Preventing Moth Damage

  • In your wardrobe, hang lavender sachets or cotton wool dipped in lavender essential oil. - Add cedar blocks or shavings to your wardrobe to deter moths – they hate the smell, and the cedar oil is powerful enough to kill the larvae. 
  • Wash your merino items before putting them away for storage. 
  • Store all your woollens in a dry, air-tight container or a sealed garment bag.

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