Life on a Merino Station

Respect for the land is ingrained in the New Zealand way of life, and nowhere is this truer than in the South Island’s harmonious high country. The lifestyle here is simplistic, honest and authentic, one of high integrity combined with world-leading innovation.

But merino sheep farming is no easy feat. It’s an art, prospering on the words of wisdom and tales of experience that have been passed on from generation to generation. To produce the finest, softest merino wool, a merino sheep must have the perfect daily blend of wide open spaces to roam, excellent nutrition and access to water and shelter, all in aid of keeping stress levels to a minimum. They require round-the-clock attention and gentle care is taken when it comes to shearing the sheep once a year.

The task requires a dedicated merino farmer to rise with the sun, spend long evenings trekking the land and generally put in a good dose of hard yakka every day. But there’s always a steaming hot cup of tea, a biscuit and good conversation waiting for them on return.