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The appearance of pilling should not be interpreted as an indication of low quality rather superior fibre softness.
Our yarn is spun from one of the finest microns in New Zealand which gives it the ultra-soft hand feel however this in turn means more fibres do migrate to the surface. The low micron and full traceability of our product is why it’s priced slightly higher than other yarns. We consciously produce our yarn chemical sealant free which means it's not coated in chlorine or polyamide which most yarns are treated with. Keeping the wool in a natural state and making it much safer for your family.
This in turn does mean that pilling will occur with our yarn and on-going maintenance is required to keep garments looking their best. We recommend a de-pilling machine which works extremely well and will have your knitted garments looking good as new in minutes. 
We are currently working with our yarn spinner to have the twist increased on our next batch to mitigate pilling as much as possible.
Because our yarn is so soft ultra-soft we also suggest avoiding as much friction as possible which we can understand is hard with garments for littles ones! We also suggest washing as little as possible - a spot clean and an air out is most preferable for our yarn.
Hoping you all finds this informative and helpful – please email us hello@perriam.co.nz if you have any further questions or concerns 😊

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